Smart Homes

A "smart home" (also called home automation) supplements a green home's focus by offering automation of routine activities such as lighting, security, power management, entertainment, and comfort.  These systems can be operated from a smart phone and rely on devices used to control on/off functions (plugs, light fixtures, etc.). A smart home typically includes sprinklers, appliances, lighting, security systems, and other electronic devices connected wirelessly to a central internet hub to enable remote monitoring and management. The homeowner enjoys the convenience of operating their house even from another side of the world.

Here are a few smart home fun facts:

  • Most Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) and real estate listing websites do not readily show whether a home is outfitted with smart home features.

  • Smart home sellers and buyers need a Realtor® who understands smart home technology to properly market the home.

  • Smart homes save money, save time, are easy to operate, increase the value of a home, and sell faster, according to Consumer Reports.

  • Many homes are built as smart homes during construction because the cost for the technology can be buried in the home purchase price.  But for an average 4 BR, 2 BA $300,000 home, it may cost $12,000 to $15,000 to upgrade an existing home to a smart home.

  • According to a recent study, 57 percent of Americans who have a smart home estimate 30 minutes per day is saved through their smart device technology installed in their homes. 

  • Forty-five percent of smart home owners say smart home technology saves them an average of $98.30 per month!  A programmable, learnable thermostat alone can save at least $50 per month in utility bills.

  • According to a survey conducted by Icontrol Networks, 90 percent of respondents said home security is a top reason to invest in a smart home. With break-ins happening every twenty-five seconds through the United States, the ability to detect and deter burglars is important to keep the family and home safe from intruders. Smart devices can also detect fire, carbon monoxide, moisture levels, radon and more.

Here are a few Smart Home contractors and consultants:

West TN:

Miestro: Home Integration (Memphis)

(901) 412-0810


Gattas Home Automation (Memphis)

(901) 481-0570


Middle TN:

Nashville Smart Homes (Nashville)

(615) 933-7220


Audio Video Experience (Nashville)

(615) 819-2137


East TN:

Scenic City AV (Chattanooga)

(423) 714-0282


Smart Home Technologies (Knoxville)

(865) 419-0490


Thompson Electrical Service (Tri Cities)

(423) 343-5726

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