Green Home Sellers Need a Green Home Realtor

Only Home Sense will...

Market your green home properly

A special home requires a little research and special marketing approach.

We prepare separate media pages that show and describe your green home features and the real world benefits of them, including average savings specific to your property.  Check some listings now and see how they market a green home.  No one does what we do to market your home (see below).


Bring the right experience

Selling a special home requires a special listing agent.

Home Sense provides experience like no other Realtor in Tennessee:

  • Professional Environmental Engineer

  • 30+ years of helping those who are environmentally conscious

  • National Association of Realtors "Green Designation"

If these are your 3 goals, we may be a match:

1.  HIRing the best realtor

We strive to provide 100% professionalism in all we do.  We are educated, analytical, and have been leaving our mark in the environmental sustainability sector for 30+ years. 


We are the only Green Realtor and Professional Engineer in Tennessee.  We don't shortcut things, we call when we say we'll call, we don't miss deadlines, and we place our client's satisfaction above our own goals.  We even offer something no one else does in the industry: a hitch-free guarantee if you're not satisfied. 

2.  Getting top dollar

Because we excel in green homes, we have an analytical background.  And since most homes that have green features don't reach their selling potential because they aren't properly marketed on the MLS, we start by devising a marketing plan that will highlight your home's unique features.


We don't just place your home in the MLS, we take the time to understand your goals and your home.  

Experience + Professional Negotiator + Best Marketing Plan = Top dollar for your home.

3.  selling quickly

We like math.  So we know that for every week or month your home stays on the market because it's priced and/or marketed incorrectly, that could be several $1,000s off your bottom line.

Selling a home quickly can be a doubled-edged sword though.  Sell too fast, and it means your Realtor probably priced your home too low.  The solution?

Your Realtor must prepare a thorough market analysis and review the neighborhood trends and average days on market

And did we mention...

When you let us sell your home, we will donate 5% of our commission to the environmental non-profit of your choice.  Learn more...

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