Can One Person Really

Make a Difference?

When building Home Sense, I wanted to do real estate different than any other brokerage company.  With an environmental engineering background, a passion for the outdoors and an enjoyment of all things real estate, it was a natural fit to focus on the green housing market.  But anyone can focus on a certain niche.  I wanted to be crazy different.  I wanted to give each of my clients the opportunity to make a difference in the community, in the world, or both, at no expense to them.  Crazy is good.

Each time a client buys or sells a home with Home Sense, we contribute 5% of our commission to the local environmental nonprofit of our client’s choice.  To make sure we hold true to this promise, we even state this in our written agency agreement with our clients and supply a receipt of acknowledgement from the nonprofit recipient.  We encourage our clients to think about something in the spirit of local environmental sustainability they believe in or have enjoyed: maybe it’s a park or greenway preservation group, an environmental awareness organization, a local recycling project, endangered species protection group, a local garden club, or a wild animal sanctuary. Here are some more ideas (click here).


For a $400,000 real estate transaction and a typical commission of 3%, we would donate $600 to the cause of your choice.  When home buyers or sellers choose Home Sense, we hope a positive environmental impact is made in your community.

When you use Home Sense, YOU are the one person making a difference.

Mark Gardner, P.E./Owner/Broker

Home Sense is About SERVICE...

Because we are in such a unique position to create a positive change, client service is our top priority. If our clients don’t love us, our impact potential decreases. We are not here to sell you anything—we are here to provide service.  We are professional negotiators.

Home Sense is About SUSTAINABILITY...

Home Sense is certified in sustainable practices including green building, energy efficiency, smart growth and resource conservation.  Embracing the latest technology solutions to complete our transactions, our office uses 90% less paper than traditional brokerages. 

Home Sense is About EDUCATION...

We seek to educate our clients about the local real estate market and demystify the home-buying or selling process, so our clients feel confident making important decisions. We seek to transform a complicated process into a stress-free and fun experience.

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