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Green Home Buyers Need a Green Home Realtor.

30,000+ Real Estate Agents in Tennessee

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1 Professional Environmental Engineer: Welcome to Home Sense

Why use Home Sense?  Because no one matches our...


If you're looking for an average home, maybe you can get by with an average real estate agent. 


If you want an agent who understands green home technologies, is certified with a Green Realtor designation, is a Professional Engineer specializing in green home features, has been in the industry for 30+ years, and focuses on providing professional service, then you have the right agent.


When you do something for a while, it probably means you have a passion for it.  That's Home Sense.  When we help someone sell or buy a home with green features, we're actually helping everyone because everyone benefits!


We're passionate about preserving resources for future generations, and when we can make that happen in a real estate transaction, that fires up our focus and dedication to help find your next home.

3. knowledge

Can your agent verify the green features and tell you the exact benefits, including cost savings?  Can your agent verify that the home is indeed an Energy Star home, as claimed by the listing agent?  Does your agent know that a home built as an Energy Star home 3 years ago does not necessarily mean it is an Energy Star home now?  Does your agent know how to get a home tested for energy ratings?  Does your agent know about green incentives and loan programs?  Home Sense does.

And did we mention...

Let us find your home and we will donate 5% of our commission to the environmental non-profit of your choice.  Learn more...

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