The Real Estate Industry is Going Green.

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Green Home SELLERS

Did you know?

81% of buyers want a home with green features, but most homes aren't properly marketed on the MLS?

It's important to make sure your home touts its green features and your agent can talk the green talk and get technical if need be.

Home Sense: Tennessee's only dedicated green home Realtors.

Green Home BUYERS

Did you know?

Real  estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor do not list a home's green feature's? 

No worries, we'll do the legwork to find the green features you want.  We'll verify them, present a cost benefit analysis, and even educate those who want to know more about green.

We love working with those who love the environment.

30,000+ Real Estate Agents in Tennessee

46 Agents Trained in Green Housing

1 Professional Environmental Engineer: Welcome to Home Sense

Green Homes 101

What is a "green home"?


Does it mean Energy Star appliances, a LEED building certification, a programmable thermostat, low-E windows, and low energy bills?  Does it mean the building was constructed using recycled and/or local building materials?  Does it mean a home that uses solar panels to generate power or rain-catchers to re-use rain?  Maybe it means to use “smart home” devices to reduce power consumption.   Or maybe it’s just an extension of responsible lifestyle, including how you live, and your impact on future generations.


A “green home” could mean any of these, and so much more. 

Sell or buy with Home Sense and we'll donate 5% of our fees to the non-profit environmental cause of your choice.

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Smart Homes

A "smart home" (also called home automation) supplements a green home's focus by offering automation of routine activities such as lighting, security, power management, entertainment, and comfort.  These systems can be operated from a smart phone and rely on devices used to control on/off functions (plugs, light fixtures, etc.). A smart home typically includes sprinklers, appliances, lighting, security systems, and other electronic devices connected wirelessly to a central internet hub to enable remote monitoring and management.


The homeowner enjoys the convenience of operating their house even from another side of the world with the benefit of optimizing energy consumption.  A smart home can also learn your preferences and automatically change them based on your presence.

Green Homes sell 8% faster than other homes on average.

Green homes sell for 7% more than other comparable homes.

How to tell if a home is really green.

Who can test my home for a green rating? 

How can I green my home now?

What are the incentives for going green?

Do green homes really sell quicker and for more?

Green Tools

“Where there is no conservation of earth's glory, there is no sustenance of the human story.”

"The one thing that binds existence of the past, present, and future is earth."

Sell or buy with Home Sense and we'll donate 5% of our fees to the non-profit environmental cause of your choice.

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